Did you know that as of 2019, there are 3.02 billion users of social media globally? 

Here are a few more numbers that can help you picture the current online landscape. More than 60% of consumers today rely on information from social media before making a purchase decision. And of those, about 71% are most likely to make a purchase based on social referrals and influences from peers. 

These stats are not shocking or surprising; rather they are pointing to a direction that brands ought to take. 

What do these numbers mean for businesses? 

Social media might have started with the simple idea of connecting people, but it has evolved to become the most powerful marketing tool in the last decade. It started with Facebook and Twitter, and then, when Instagram took the internet by storm, it redefined the way brands were engaging with their audience. It made marketers relook at their social marketing strategies. Today, social media is used by 97% of marketers to reach their audiences (Hubspot Marketing Statistics 2019). 

Joining the trend, there has been a lot of noise around event marketing on social media. 

But why should you even consider promoting offline activities online? 

The answer is simple. Social signals are critical decision drivers for any kind of audience today. Marketers are harnessing the power of conversations, influence, and outreach, to talk, listen, and target the right audience. Then why should events be left out of this trending game? 

Events are perhaps one of the most real-time and yet tricky areas of marketing strategies. Research reveals that 31% of event marketers rate social campaigns to be an integral part of their marketing exercises for events (Endless Events, 2018). About 52% of event managers/planners/marketers believe that Facebook is the most effective channel for event promotion and about 26% believe that LinkedIn works best for business events. These statistics are not just dynamic numbers but a reasonable, logical equation that is telling us that it’s time for marketers to seriously consider exploiting social media and its benefits to boost the visibility of events. 

Social media and events: Unraveling the connection 

Better outreach – Social media stands out due to its ability to reach a huge audience easily and cost-effectively. It opens up avenues for businesses to generate more leads than you can ever target offline, or even through other digital channels. 

Better influence – With content as its currency, social posts, updates, images, videos, and even mentions from previous attendees can have a positive impact on your marketing outreach. Every time your audience sees relevant and quality content around your brand and/or the related event, it takes them one step closer to the complex decision-making process like registering for the event or purchasing a ticket. For instance, for a symposium on Artificial Intelligence, if a prospective attendee stumbles upon conversations around robotics, machine learning, automation, etc. driven by the brand, it is more likely to engage them even before they participate. Such continuous engagement eventually drives them towards registration. 

Cost-efficient – Needless to say, social marketing is a lot cheaper and more cost-efficient than other advertising activities. There is a minimal cost involved in maintaining your social presence. The only cost you would incur is the paid advertising, which you can always decide as per your budget. What you need to invest in, is organic engagement and relevant conversations that your audience finds appealing. 

More conversions – Conversations lead to conversions. Social media content also helps drive the site traffic. So, in case you are worrying about footfalls on your event registration, then having a strong social presence, backed by influencer marketing, and social ads can yield better attendance at your booth. 

Advocacy and value-addition – Social conversations are not just about sharing content but about being a thought leader. While you might be targeting a particular event, your content will speak of your subject matter expertise. And everyone loves to be connected to an expert. It stimulates engagement, improves networking, and increases the loyalty of your audience towards your brand. 

On a more operational side, you can use social media to add value to your event management. From interacting with attendees to managing customer support, and gathering feedback, social channels can bring real-time participation. 

The challenges 

About 51% of event professionals find it challenging to use social media effectively for event marketing. Quantifying outcomes 

With great things come great challenges. If social media can be the next best thing for event marketing, it can also be the other way round. Managing social presence needs dedicated resources and commitment to responding, analyzing feedback, and constantly producing quality content to keep your audience hooked and make them feel a part of the family. If at all you fail to engage them, the entire exercise can backfire, leading to a negative impression on your brand. Also, while it is easy to measure the ROI on a particular event, you might not be able to instantly quantify the effect on brand awareness or its growth. 

Dealing with Proliferation 

The social platforms themselves have proliferated with marketers struggling to use the right one at any time. And competitors with large budgets tend to paint the town red in the platform taking away a substantial part of the attention of people. 

On a parting note 

When done right, social media can become your ace card for event promotion and maximize your marketing throughput. With the right platform, right content, and the right audience, you can turn your event into a trend and get everyone tal

Published by – Ratnesh Singh (Nes) – Head of Global Business at Buzznation Event Technologies

Witness the world’s Best Comic Event – Comic Con-Most awaited event in July 2019 in San Diego!

The beloved convention “Comic-Con” is which was born in 1970 in the basement of a hotel in San Diego, California, is scheduled from July 17 to July 21 at San Diego Convention Centre. They have also recently rolled out the banners promoting the event. And, the banners which they usually do each year, this year also hang on light poles that line the streets of the Gaslamp Quarter in the center of downtown San Diego.

Initially this little event was started in 1970 as just on a small scale but now it has grown into a behemoth. San Diego witnesses a huge guest inflow & a busy long summer weekend every year due to this big convention. All the neighboring hotels of the Convention Center and the streets of downtown San Diego is busy in the same preparation.

Most of the Comic-Con’s fans who attend the event typically elaborate their favorite character’s costume, and this transform the city also into a fantasy and comic fiction land.

Brands encashment

Brands are also leveraging the opportunity to showcase their brands association with this unique event. Like Marvel comics have designed Comic-Con International: San Diego’s 2019 Souvenir Book. Lego is also going to introduce Lego’s DC Comics Super Heros line, and features a diorama of Gotham, with a water tower, gargoyle buildings, and the Bat-signal. Funco like every year, showing up in vinyl collectibles shows up on the convention floor with a full line of must-have exclusives. Funco has designed a new offering for the Comic-Con’s 50th year, which runs the gamut from television classics to contemporary film and comic favorites.

Beware from Troubles

With the popularity of the San Diego Comic-Con’s scammers ready to take advantages. This are so called scammers often uses third-party websites like Craiglists and eBay to find comic aficionados eager to attend SDCC and, 2019 is also not different. Moreover, this year saw online push notification also by these scammers on the dating apps. There are few points which must be in sight while buying a ticket for SDCC 2019.

Names Change is not possible

Once the Badge will be brought for this event with the specific name registered, later on changes will not be permissible. As every year authorities receive numerous applications or request that they bought a badge but can no longer attend the convention.

Once the badge bought up, no name change will be possible.

.No Extra Badge Selling

Comic-Con only sells one ticket per person, meaning extra badges claim is illegitimate, so beware from buying tickets from third parties, who are claiming that they are having extra badge.

Cannot transfer the Badge

Even if you buy a legitimate badge from a re-seller, you cannot get the entry into Comic-Con, as the badge was sold in violation of the SDCC policy, which does not allowed any kind of ticket transfer to another person.

Fake Products

There is hundreds of website which are dealing into comic, movie and sports memorabilia as it’s a billion-dollar industry annually but a market estimate says approximate 10 percent of those sites are forged or fake.

We wish best fun for the comic fans for the world’s preeminent pop culture event with this amazing journey of SDCC’s 50 years!

Indore is celebrating 3rd time winner event in Swacch Bharat Survey – also grabs the attention by cleaning the 100 Acre Garbage land !!

AT the Outskirts of Indore, roughly a 100-acre dumpsite was overflowing with all kinds of waste. And in this waste, most of the wastes were hazardous for environment and creating several health issues for nearby area.

Upon the disappointing results in the Swachh Surveykshan of 2014 by Government of India, the Citizens of Indore and, Authorities decided to fight the cause and, to join the hands.

And, with this will their hard work paid off as the city became the cleanest in India for the consecutive 3 years on the Swachha Bharat Survekshan.

But, After getting first rank in the survey, the dumpsite was still there in the same pitiful condition. And, the authorities at Indore Municipal Corporation was really slow in implementing any work pace at the site for bio-medical & other hazardous waste treatment.

Indore Municipal Corporation has started the reclamation project in 2016-17 and it outsourced the work to a contractor. But the outsourcing work pace was very slow and, very expensive. Due to this lackluster in the work, in May 2018 IMC has appointed a young IAS officer Mr. Asheesh Singh, who took this project with a different strategy with the aim to complete it in as much as shorter time and, with a very less possible cost.

He began with the idea of beautification of the site and, started bio-redemption of the present waste. He started segregation of the waste from the initial stage itself. Mr. Singh also appointed few more capable officers in this project and, instead of outsourcing the work, he decided to do it with own resources and, hired heavy machinery. Work was done in 2 shifts and, surprisingly, finished in six months. Moreover, the entire project cost IMC less than Rs 10 Crore.

Now IMC is disposing the garbage in an eco-friendly manner. The collected garbage sent for biomining process, where it was sent for recycling, recyclable polythene or plastic was sent to the cement plants and for road making. Recovered soil is used for refilling the same site where beautification of the area will be done. The recovered construction & related waste sent to the construction facility to produce the building materials. And, the Leftover was sent to a secured landfill.

New age points for venue selection for Events

Among the most fundamental rules of an event is choosing a right location. An Event’s venue plays a pivotal role in the success of the event. Most event managers choose a location based upon reputation, legal permission and, proximity to their target customer base. And, then venue to satisfy all their inhouse venue requirements.

With the more available options for venue for events, it’s the time to rethink the routine checkup for a venue. One can consider other services which is offered by all venues before landing on the final choice for the event.

Think out of the box. Business conferences & exhibitions aren’t just for their sole purpose anymore. Knowledge centre, Industry exposure, sports facilities and, even recreational facilities in on the consideration. With the right mix of the services offered and, additional facilities on and nearby venue, Guests can enjoy the best a venue has to offer in the location without missing all the particular networking or presentation opportunity.  

Main Focus Points to finalize the venue

A good venue experience not only helps in creating a rich experience but also create a long relationship that will generate a good business for everyone.

Adapting the involvement of recreational activities and, other experience, an event professional has to think like a tourist. Like what places would you like to visit if you will be on vacation? Are there facilities like Wi-Fi, gym, spa available to use? Will these venues also suitable for attendees to visit local places to know the flavor of local city?

Few of the main focus points or ideas to consider for selecting venues are –

  • Local Arts, Culture and, Innovation (In house and, In the city)
  • Heritage sites & Pilgrimage around the city.
  • Sports & Outdoor Activities.
  • Industry exposure in the city.

After choosing out some options, you’ve to look into what types of meetings and, how many persons they can accommodate. Above matching venues & cities can open the door to business opportunities and, they can create win-win situations. Clients not only enjoy the city & venue, but plans to organize the events again over there.


Occasion the board is the use of task the executives to the creation and advancement of huge scale occasions, for example, celebrations, gatherings, services, weddings, formal gatherings, shows, or shows. It includes concentrating the brand, distinguishing its intended interest group, contriving the occasion idea, and organizing the specialized perspectives before really propelling the occasion.

The way toward arranging and organizing the occasion is generally alluded to as occasion arranging and which can incorporate planning, booking, site determination, procuring essential licenses, organizing transportation and stopping, masterminding speakers or performers, orchestrating stylistic layout, occasion security, cooking,
planning with outsider merchants, and crisis plans. Every occasion is diverse in its inclination so procedure of arranging & execution of every occasion varies on premise of sort of occasion.

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